terra-i offline

To use terra-i offline (for example in the field) in an Android smartphone or tablet follow the instructions below.

    • Download the maps (-) Android app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=coderminus.maps

    • Download the terra-i configuration file from here from your Android browser and save as terra-i_offline.txt to /sdcard/coderminus.maps

    • Open the maps (-) app and navigate to settings>more>preferences>configure maps

    • Choose load from file and navigate up (..) and down to /sdcard/coderminus.maps to locate the file terra-i_offline.txt

  1. Click save to save this configuration as a layer

  2. Go back to the main map page and choose settings>select map and choose terra-i from the list

  3. You can cache an area of the map by choosing settings>cache area or navigating to the zones places that you will visit in the field and the zoom levels that you need

  4. You can upload GPX files of routes and/or activate the GPS under settings>more>preferences

  5. Whilst in the field you can flick between the Google Map and the Terra-i map to use the terra-i data whilst offline