Conservation eye


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CONSERVATION_EYE is a land use change alert system based on the MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields tree cover product (Collection 4, release 3) The VCF data for 2000 to 2005 were mosaiced and processed to calculate the following globally :

Change in tree cover percentage from 2000-2005

Change in tree cover percentage from 2000-2005 in areas defined as protected according to the World Database of Protected Areas (WDPA )

Change in tree cover percentage from 2000-2005

CONSERVATION-EYE is designed to allow rapid regional and local visualisation of areas of forest cover loss and gain over recent years. The data are at 500m resolution and so do not pick up small scale change. See Terrascope (Terrascope) for detailed visual change analysis in Google Earth. The rationale for CONSERVATION-EYE is to provide an easy mechanism for hotspotting land use change in and around protected areas for non remote-sensing specialists. Change is colour coded so that losses in tree cover fill the range light orange to dark red from 0 to -100% and gains in tree cover cover the range light green to dark green over the range 0 to +100%. A legend is provided. The raw tree cover % layers for each year are also provided. All imagery are superoverlays so the resolution of the imagery increases on zooming in. Areas with no tree cover or no tree cover change are transparent. Areas of apparent forest loss around rivers or in very cloudy areas may be subject to error from river migration and cloud cover effects. Use the provided MODIS imagery to confirm the land use change in these areas.

Change in tree cover percentage from 2000-2005 in protected areas