Central American and Costa Rican Climate and Hydrology

Contact Mark Mulligan . Click here to access the data (requires Google Earth version 4+). If your version of Google Earth shows errors when downloading zipped data files from these sites, please right mouse button click the links to the data and choose save link from the context menu that appears. This will then open the link in your web browser.

This database provides information and data from the project : Hydrological impacts of converting tropical montane cloud forest to pasture, with initial reference to northern Costa Rica.

Change in water balance as a result of historic forest loss

As part of a larger project led by the Free University of Amsterdam., a national scale hydrological model for analysing the impact of land cover change in complex tropical environments was developed.

Here you will find reports, the model and input grids and a series of model results at 1ha spatial resolution for Costa Rica and 1km spatial resolution for central America.

Total wind driven precipitation : Costa Rica

Total wind driven precipitation : Costa Rica (Terrain view)