AsterPAA (TerraLook) in Google Earth

Contact Mark Mulligan . Click here to access the data (requires Google Earth version 4+).How to use (video) (requires Adobe flash ). If your version of Google Earth shows errors when downloading zipped data files from these sites, please right mouse button click the links to the data and choose save link from the context menu that appears. This will then open the link in your web browser.

This is a Google Earth implementation of the ASTER-Protected Areas Archive (now 'TerraLook'). ASTER-PAA-GE includes some 4000+ Landsat, ASTER and IKONOS images covering protected areas and other areas of interest and spanning the period 1972-present. Users can view the availability of scenes year by year and zoom, pan and tilt to view scenes of interest at full resolution.

The image scenes can be downloaded individually as zipped georeferenced JPEGs. ASTER-PAA-GE is particularly useful for land cover change detection and conservation prioritisation studies. To use, zoom out and click on the radio button for the year for which you wish to view imagery. Available LANDSAT and ASTER scenes will be shown as yellow boxes. To view a particular scene zoom in until the yellow box disappears and then a little more and wait for thr image preview to display, zoom further for greater detail and pan, tilt or combine with other datasets as desired.

Terralook in Google Earth

To view images for other years zoom back out and click through the radio buttons until a yellow box appears (imagery for a particular site is only available for certain years). Then zoom back in to view the image. You can flick between images at any level of detail for a particular site using the radio buttons once you know which years the archive contains imagery for that site. To download a full resolution JPEG for an image, zoom out until you see a placemark appear at the top right corner of the yellow box associated with the image. Click this placemark and you will see the ftp download URL in the balloon which appears. AsterPAA and TerraLook are NASA JPL projects (see (contact This Google Earth Implementation of ASTER-PAA has been developed by Dr. Mark Mulligan of King's College London for use by the scientific and conservation community.

Terralook in Google Earth