SRTM SWBD Coast and water bodies

Contact Mark Mulligan . Click here to access the data (requires Google Earth version 4+). If your version of Google Earth shows errors when downloading zipped data files from these sites, please right mouse button click the links to the data and choose save link from the context menu that appears. This will then open the link in your web browser.

This is a coastlines and water body dataset derived from the NASA SRTM Water Body dataset. The water bodies and coastlines (at 30 metre resolution) are shown for the area of the earth in which you Fly To. The data has been processed to remove the tile edges in the original NASA files so that these data are now GIS-ready for applications that require land-sea masks. The datafiles are available to download in zipped ARCASCII format in the geographic coordinate system, WGS84 datum. Click on the placemarks in the tile centres to download the data for that tile.

Coasts and water bodies dataset (land-sea mask) in Google Earth

To use simply Fly To your location, you will see a series of white boxes appear indicating the data tiles. Now wait for the network link to download and for Google Earth to draw the coasts and water bodies as yellow polylines. To download the land-water mask in ARCASCII format click the nearest waypoint. You will then see a balloon which links to the zipped ARCASCII for downloading.